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Construction is an industry where time and money are both precious. Keeping the project on track is always essential, but sometimes it can be challenging to remember exactly what steps are in the commercial construction process. The commercial construction process can be divided into different stages, each with its responsibilities. Many things happen throughout this process, and it’s important to know what goes on to stay on top of everything at all times. Below we will discuss the steps of the commercial construction process and how they work together.

1. Planning and Development

The Planning and Development stage of the commercial construction process is critical. This is the first stage where all the work that needs to be done is determined. The Planning and Development stage includes preparing a construction drawing, which outlines the plans for your building or remodeling project. The type of location, size, materials, and specifications for all new construction are all made known during this stage. Once everything has been decided, plans are then sent out to contractors.

2. Location and Design

The Location and Design stage is pretty important because this is the stage where you choose your location, how the interior of your building will look, and what type of materials you want to use. The site you decide on is significant because it impacts how much money you will spend in addition to what kind of materials you can use. The design of your building is also essential. This is the stage where the general layout of your building is finalized. Different contractors will then submit their drawings for approval.

3. Bidding and Contract Administration

It is time to find a good contractor during the Bidding and Contract Administration stage. After all, plans have been laid out. Contractors will bid on the contract. The lowest bidder will then be awarded the job. This is an important stage because this is when you can ensure that you are getting a good contract for your money’s worth by questioning any parts of the building or remodeling project that don’t seem right. Lastly, during this stage, the contract is signed between both parties, and contracts are drawn up outlining the terms of the remodeling project.

4. Design/Build Stage

The Design and Build stage is also critical because this is where construction work begins. During this time, your building will be constructed, and the exterior will be finished in preparation for the paying customer. The Design and Build stage also includes ensuring that all the plumbing and electrical lines are installed.

5. Construction/Demolition

The Construction/Demolition stage of the commercial construction process is where most of the building or remodeling activities occur. Many steps go into this stage: removal, groundbreaking, foundation and framing, drywall, tiling and flooring, roofing, kitchen installation, and bathroom installation. Contractors will also be there to ensure that all the equipment is working correctly and that everything goes as planned.

Bottom Line

Commercial construction is a fundamental process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The commercial construction process should be researched prior to selecting a contractor for any project. In addition, many other stages happen during the commercial construction process, but these are some of the most important ones. By staying on top of this process, any project should go smoothly!

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