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Playground Site Planning

We pride ourselves on being the expert in our field and that means knowing everything about the industry so that we can guide the customer every step of the way. Our Austin contractors are NPSI certified and are thoroughly knowledgeable about our equipment as well as the current safety standards, proper installation and maintenance methods and play habits of children within certain age groups.

We don’t stop at being knowledgeable about the industry; We continue that proficiency and become an expert about each client’s precise needs and specific site areas. Before we ever start a project, we study every aspect of the site and every factor that will affect the project including: budget, play capacity, age groups, ADA compliances, installation and maintenance needs. We do all of this to ensure that we create the safest and most exciting play environment for each and every customer.

Playground Design

After we have completed the site plan, we can then start to design the new play environment. We utilize CAD and 3D Studio Max software to give each customer lively detailed images of what the site will eventually look like. With our advanced software, we are able to shape the play area and notice possible conflicts and come up with new solutions before we have ever begun the project. The 2D and 3D designs are a fun and effective way to excite parents and children and gain approval from stakeholders and local agencies. The drawings also clearly show the age and capacity limitations while demonstrating compliance with federal safety standards.

Playground Installation

With over 40 years in building and general construction experience, we are able to offer our customers a complete turn-key installation. We can coordinate your entire installation process from inception to completion by utilizing our own in house certified installation crews. Aside from our full turn-key installation services and depending on the client’s needs we can also deliver the equipment to the client for a self build project. Another choice is to utilize a combination of our professional knowledge with a crew of volunteers for a professional supervised install. Supervised installs are a great choice for such projects as community builds. Whatever your budget and capacity will allow, we have many different options to make sure that your play area ends up being safe, functional, and beautiful.

Playground Maintenance

After the project has been completed, it is vital that an effective maintenance program is set in place. It has been industry estimated that at least one-third of playground injuries can be connected to poor maintenance. Therefore, creating a successful maintenance plan is a key element to minimize injury and to sustain the lifetime of the play area. Here at T. F. Harper & Associates LP, and Austin based construction company, our staff is safety certified and can help customize and implement a maintenance program that is tailored to your Austin playground equipment, the age of your children and the needs of the specific area.