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Playgrounds do not last forever. They often have a lifespan of 10 years before they need to be updated and upgraded.

To ensure the safety of children using the playground, you will want to know how long play structures typically last to decide when a new one needs to be installed. This article will offer  information about when its time to replace or upgrade a playground.

Why do Playgrounds Need to be Replaced?

One of the most common reasons a playground needs to be replaced is that it could pose a severe safety hazard. Children often fall off these structures while they are playing on them. This can cause injuries, which can result in severe and possibly lethal injuries. Most of those injuries tend to happen in the lower body or on the knees or ankles. Another reason these play structures will need to be replaced is that they become outdated, which is often a reflection of the artistry or material quality of the system itself.

Most of these structures consist of a steel frame enclosed within an aesthetically pleasant plastic shell. This often makes them look much more attractive to the human eye. Before purchasing a new playground, you will want to ensure that you know exactly how long the current one will last. This information should be readily available on the manufacturer’s website or another reputable source. The replacement process can be pretty expensive, so you want to ensure that it is as necessary as possible.

Regular Maintenance Increases Lifespan

First it is important to determine how much traffic the playground is undergoing on a regular basis. This will help determine how often the system needs to be inspected and maintained. For your child’s safety, this inspection should consist of visual and tactile checks – all the bolts, screws, and other hardware elements must be checked while they are being used.

Once you are sure about the amount of traffic the playground is receiving on a regular basis, you can make a plan for maintenance. This means that all the screws, bolts, and hardware must be tightened. Another thing that you will want to keep in mind is that all of the equipment should also need to be maintained. This includes the climbing ropes, slides, and other play equipment. With regular maintenance, the lifespan of your playground can be greatly increased.

They Last Longer Than You’d Think

Playgrounds often last much longer than people think they do. Most play structures can last between 8 and 10 years before they need to be replaced. After 10 years this is usually a good indication that the playground will be showing its age. If you need to change it out, you will want to make sure to contact a reputable company such as T.F. Harper & Associates to plan for a new playground installation as well as a maintenance/ upkeep program afterward.

Because some of these structures are large, replacing them can also be very expensive. This is why you will want to ensure that it is needed before you go through the expense of replacing it. It is best to contact a professional company so they can give you the best advice on if your playground needs replacing.

By having a professional and reputable company install and design your playground, you can ensure that you are making the best investment. Experienced and trustworthy construction companies that install playgrounds are the best way to go because you can ensure that you will be getting a playground that is not only safe for children to use, but also that will be built to last!


In closing, you will want to do regular inspections to keep any safety hazards from developing on the structure in question. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your children’s safety is not being compromised at any time by a faulty play structure or equipment.