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When we think of community social amenities, several things come to mind. The most common ones are typically schools, health centers, transportation, entertainment venues and shopping malls. More often than not, people will forget that playgrounds are also a social amenity that community members and especially kids benefit from. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy after all. Having a playscape in a community gives your kids a place to gather, socialize and involve themselves in healthy exercise. Parents get the opportunity to meet, discuss the neighborhood’s affairs, and plan on what they can do better to enhance the community. Therefore, it is clear that a playground is one of the essential amenities present in a community.

If your community is lacking in this essential feature, you’re not powerless in the matter. By taking the right steps and going through the right procedures, anyone can begin the process of having a new playground built in their community. We’ll go through this process below.

1. Identify the Needs of the Community

The first step that should come up when you want to build a community playground is knowing what the community has to say. Remember, these are the people who will be using these amenities, which means that their say matters a lot. Different communities have different needs. There are communities with an elderly population and those that skew more towards a young population. What does the majority in the community have to say? What will serve them best?

2.Come Up with a Considerable Budget

After you have identified what kind of a playground the community needs along with the size and all the requirements, it is time to put the figures into writing. Again, different communities will need different equipment. One community may need soccer equipment, while the other may need a more accessible playscape. The budget should be affordable. This ensures that the community can follow through with the project instead of being stuck in the middle.

3. Come Up with a Design

At this juncture, you will have to involve an expert who will look at the community land you have as well as the community’s needs to help you develop the design that will fit your needs. The playground expert will also help you identify what equipment will be cost-effective and useful for the community.

4. Raise Funds

Call for a community fundraiser to help raise the finances to build the playscape. You don’t have to worry too much if the funds are not enough. As a community, you will most likely receive grants, donations, government financing, and corporate social responsibilities. Everybody wants to involve themselves with activities that are done on an excellent course.

5. Actualize Your Design

This is the final plan for the whole process: actualizing the community dream by building the playground. When it is done, the only thing that remains is calling all community members to a community launch and enjoying the playground together. Young to old, the new playground is a social amenity will affect the community’s life in one way or another.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to sit and wait till the government or companies decide to invest in your community. You can always come up with an initiative that will help your community. Remember, the more the social amenities, the more the community gains value. It also becomes more welcoming to foreign investment since there is a potential for growth in the community.