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In a world where there are so many easy options when it comes to entertaining your younger children, community playgrounds have stood the test of time in terms of being one of the best choices you can make! While there is a place for entertainment in the form of television shows, mobile devices, and video games, play grounds offer such a wide variety of benefits that these digital options cannot. As your kids are growing up and you are trying to foster their needs, consider some of these developmental benefits that are offered through play grounds!

Social Skills

One massive benefit of a playground, especially a community playground, is the opportunity for children to meet others in their same age rage from different backgrounds and cultures. Learning how to socialize at a young age, even for naturally shy individuals, can help build a foundation for well rounded social kids down the road and into adulthood. As kids make up and play games together, they inadvertently learn give and take, sharing, mediation, problem solving, and how to build and maintain trust with one another! And you never know how long lasting these early friendships might actually end up lasting!


Playgrounds have one obvious advantage over digital devices, games, and shows, and that is giving your child the opportunity to move around in ways that would be hard (or forbidden) at home! With climbing walls, bridges, swings, and slides, children have the opportunity to build specific muscle groups, develop coordination, and grow their fine motor skills. More importantly, it gets your child in the habit of being active, which they are more likely to carry into adulthood when encouraged starting at a young age. Intentionally setting aside a time and place for being active is one of the best things you can do for your child in the long and short run!

Develops the Senses

Playgrounds come equipped to help with sensory development as well the social and physical aspects. With multiple built in games and activities, your children will be forced to stretch their sensory muscles with activity panels, noise makers, and obstacle courses that require problem solving with their physical bodies.


Along with learning age appropriate confrontation and problem solving with the social aspect of community playgrounds, children will also be able to build up physical and emotional resilience as well. It is important for young children to learn physical boundaries in terms of what they are capable of and what they are not, and it is healthy for kids to know what their physical limits are by testing that in a safe and supervised environment. Not only is positive for them physically, but this helps strengthen them emotionally as well! Not to mention, getting energy out in a positive way by running and playing on a playground can also do wonders for you, the parent, as this can help them work out stress and frustrations that might others come up in a less healthy, and more stressful manner for you!

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