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Studies show that being outside in nature can not only improve your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well. From increased mood to lower blood sugar, the outdoors can do wonders for people at every age. What better way to encourage people to be outside than a community playscape? The many benefits of a community playground reach well beyond just giving your children a pace to burn off energy. Here are a few ways your community can benefit from a local playscape park.

Multisensory Design

Playgrounds are designed specifically to exercise all the senses that children need to develop from fine motor skills to cognitive problem solving. With different rope walls, monkey bars, and planks to balance on, children have the opportunity to build upper body and core strength while being able to stay in an imaginative state. Many play ground have built in puzzles, trinkets, and pulley systems allowing their strategic planning to improve and also the development of their prefrontal cortex regions in the brain. For a group of children, a community playground can be the setting of a pirate ship, a castle, or desert island as their imaginations reach beyond what is tangibly there.

Social Skills

This factor extends beyond the kids in the community who need various social interactions to develop into well rounded humans. Adults often have a hard time engaging in natural and casual conversations, and what better place to interact with peers than while your kids are doing the same? Human beings need community to thrive, and a playground can be the perfect environment for that to happen naturally without the pressure that some other situations are packaged with.

Property Value

The presence of a park in your neighborhood automatically boosts your home’s property value. With properties adjacent to a park or playground increasing as much as twenty percent in property value, the mere presence of one automatically plays its part in improving the local economy.

Environmental Improvements

Local parks and playgrounds play a huge role in improving the air quality in a community due to the presence of the plants and trees. With so many toxins being omitted constantly, the trees growing in our communities work to purify the air round the clock. This benefits everyone as the quality of air we breathe in gets improved while we are simultaneously more likely to spend time out in that fresh park air.

Creating Community

It is so important to feel like you are a part of the community you live in. This can be a difficult value to instill, especially in younger children, as we constantly feel the necessity to protect our children from potential physical and social dangers in the world. As people begin to gather at a communal place like a playground or park, we start to develop a sense of ownership for the neighborhoods we live in. This creates stronger neighborly bonds, safer streets, and a general love for our own community that can not be fabricated and that so many of us long for.

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