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Schools are a very important place for children to learn. Not only is it their foundation for their future, but it helps them develop social skills and gives them the tools they need to succeed in life. All around the world, good school infrastructure is a necessity. They have the responsibility of providing an environment that will help students grow into well-rounded individuals who can face any situation that might come their way. There is a need for necessary support from all stakeholders in the education system to ensure that buildings are well maintained. Here are some of the benefits that are seen when buildings that make up the learning environments in schools are well maintained.

Proper Building Maintenance Increases the Class Attendance and Completion of Academic Cycles

There’s a science-backed reason why your kids might be less inclined to go to school. Some of it comes down to how the school building they have to sit in all day is maintained. Researchers from the University of Washington found that students are more likely to attend and complete academic cycles when they have access to well-built and well-maintained school buildings with high ceilings, large windows, and natural light. This not only includes schools but also other public institutions like libraries and museums. Moreover, our brains are wired to respond positively when we see things like trees or plants in our classroom settings.

Further research was done comparing the students who attend schools lacking quality buildings and those attending schools with well-built and well-maintained buildings. The result was that students in good schools were about three times more likely to graduate high school, nearly twice as likely to go to college, and nearly three times more likely to be employed.

Building maintenance in schools raises Educator Motivation

Every school wants to provide the best education for its students. When they are not able to achieve this, it is usually because of low Educator motivation. Schools need to create a good environment where teachers want to stay and teach young minds. This is essential for having motivated and happy educators. One way that can help raise teacher motivation is by building good schools with many features that benefit the students and faculty members. Teachers in schools with well-built and well-maintained buildings are more likely to stay in the school and teach their students because they feel more comfortable and satisfied with their surroundings and they know that the kids will also feel the same way while learning and studying. Additionally, having a nice building helps increase student motivation because if they do not have the best home situation they will look forward even more so to attending school. Increased student motivation to learn raises the urge among teachers to attend to their lessons and share knowledge with the students.

Proper Building maintenance in schools raises the concentration levels in class

Many factors can affect the environment of a classroom. From the teacher’s temperament to the physical layout of the room, even the materials used for the construction of the classroom. Each factor plays an important role in promoting productive learning. The best way to raise the concentration levels in class is by providing a well-built and well-maintained building. A well-maintained school building needs to have all the necessary resources and tools for a productive learning environment. In addition, including an active learning-oriented design allows students to learn more by solving problems and making mistakes in real-time. A school that provides these features will create a positive feedback loop, where learning will keep getting better as the students grow and learn from their mistakes.


There is a need for well-maintained buildings in schools. Building maintenance in schools raises the motivation of teachers, improves student concentration levels, and helps raise the overall satisfaction of students at school. Increased satisfaction among students is likely to be reflected in their performance. Excellent results are key in raising the school’s value.

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