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When you are planning a commercial construction project, there are many things to consider. Because there is such a wide range of projects that could fit under the category of “commercial” (grocery stores, educational buildings, hotels, offices, restaurants, medical facilities, athletic clubs, arenas, and more), there are many different bases that a commercial construction company needs to cover in order to be prepared to complete a job. Every type of project comes with its own set of regulations, certifications and requirements, and beyond that, those will change city to city. Picking the right commercial contractors in Austin, Tx is one of the first and most important steps to starting your project, and here are some things to look for in your searching process.

Contractors Experience

Because there are so many different types of projects, commercial construction contractors have a wide range of responsibilities. Every project requires an array of permits that vary with each city. Because of this, you will want to find Austin contractors who are familiar with your project’s specific scope of work as well as the city you have chosen. Interview prospective commercial contractors and make yourself familiar with the work they have done locally. Request a portfolio of work they have done related to your project and also references to refer to.


There are a lot of “Mr. Joe Fix-its” out there, and while having a handy man is fine for some (I repeat some) jobs around the house, your commercial construction project in not the project you want to dabble with hobbyists. In fact, in order to be compliant by the city, there are specific licenses that your contractor will like need to already have, and the requirements needed to obtain that license will vary from state to state. You should be able to view your potential contractors license online or at the state licensing department. Your contractor should also be able to produce a copy of his or her related licenses.


While choosing a commercial contractor, you can have them give you their respective bids on the project. A bid is a contractor’s estimated cost to complete the project from start to finish. Obviously, there should always be room for flexibility, but this is a good chance for you to see your potential contractor’s thoroughness. You will be able to look over the specifics of what they are planning for and see if they are covering all of the proposed work properly. This bid should cover a wide range of things such as permit costs, labor, equipment, inspections, etc.


Whoever you select out of the construction companies in Austin, it is crucial that they are properly and sufficiently insured. With the expensive equipment involved and the multiple people that will constantly be present on a job site, insurance coverage is a must. You want to be sure that your contractor has liability covering the value of the work at hand and also workmans comp. This protects everyone involved, yourself included, in the event of an accident.

Austin Construction Companies

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