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Playground swings offer a lot of entertainment to young children and adults. They’re enjoyed all year round from summer to winter and come in various types. Playground swings can be outfitted for adults, young children, and even babies. These swings are great for backyards as well as public parks. Let’s look at some of the different types of playground swings below. First, let’s start with the frames that swings can be hung from.

Swing Frames

Swing sets can be hung from two different frame types. One of them is the in-ground frame and the other is a free-standing frame. Both do have pros and cons.

In-ground frame

  • Has to be installed in the ground
  • Very sturdy frame
  • Able to support a lot of weight

Free-standing frame

  • Only requires weights to keep grounded
  • Does not require digging up a backyard or park for installation
  • Can be set up quickly

Both of these frame types also come in different shapes to accommodate different swings.

Sling Swing

This is the classic swing that everyone thinks of when they go to a public park. It’s made from a strap of material connected to two chains. These chains are hung from a swing frame, like most swings. This swing type is great for adults and young children but may not be suitable for toddlers.

Tire Swing

A tire swing is the classic backyard swing. It’s what’s thought of when a family wants to hang a swing from a tree and has some rope and a spare tire laying around. These swings are made from a tire that has a rope tied to it in three places. This rope is then brought together in a single rope and hung from a tree or other frame.

They’re easy to make, cheap, and the materials are easy to come by. They can be enjoyed by adults and children.

High Back Full Bucket Swing

This is the idle “baby swing” because it safely straps the toddler in. This is great because it allows babies to enjoy swings without safety being an issue.

These swings are made from a bucket-shaped swing with leg holes in the bottom. Some of these swings also come in the half bucket variation that has a chain in the front. It’s a similar design but meant to accommodate a larger infant or child.

Safety Considerations

There are some common-sense safety considers for playground swings. When using a free-standing frame it’s best to properly weigh it down before use. These frames can tip over if it’s very windy or if there’s too much weight on the swing.

Adding any of these swings to a backyard can encourage children to play outside more often and add sentimental value to a home. Swings are fun and can be enjoyed by many people. They come in different types from tire swings to sturdy bucket swings for infants and babies. So keep this information in mind when looking for that new swing set for your backyard.

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