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Children love play time, and one of the most favorite things for them to do is to climb. This feature is the most popular in any playground. Climbing helps children build and strengthen their muscles, and it is also a good way to increase bone strength. Most school playground equipment includes several climbing tools that are always the first to get filled during recess. Construction companies build playground climbing equipment for both commercial and residential use that provide natural climbing features that are both safe and durable.

The Chain and Rope Climbers

These exciting climbers are popular because of their adventurous features. The rope and net are safe for all ages, and they are durable. They can be constructed on any site without taking up much space. These climbers are great sources of exercise for children, and can be constructed to accommodate adults as well.

The Geodome Climbers

These are classic dome design playground climbers that offer children a challenging climbing experience. Various activities can be explored with the dome climbers that give children the sense of being able to meet any given challenge. This is usually constructed with a durable plastic material that is safe for children.

The Classic Wall Climbers

This has been a classic piece of playground equipment for decades. With so many juvenile health issues and obesity being a problem, physical activity is essential for school age children. Climbing the classic wall is an adventure in itself. It helps children focus on an end goal and work hard at climbing to achieve it. This is a reasonable facsimile of the military obstacle course where climbing to the top of the wall means that the challenge has been met.

Playground Sculptures

These are fairly new pieces of climbing equipment that feature small creatures that children can pretend to bring to life. They are generally hippos and frogs that children can explore. They are constructed of heavy duty plastic that is non toxic, and they come in multiple bright colors. Small children are awed by this type of climbing equipment that also has learning activities molded into the plastic. These like like creatures provide tons of fun for children, and the climber allows children to explore, tunnel, and climb. The imagination of young children can be stimulated, and their creative abilities can work with these playground sculptures.

Building safe playground equipment is just one of the many tasks that construction companies pride themselves on. They can accommodate any building need large or small. Playground equipment that is constructed by a trusted company is much more durable and safer that what can be put together from a box for do it yourself projects. The safety of children is a number one priority for every parent, and knowing that they are playing on playground climbers that has been properly and expertly built by a construction company is a stamp of approval for every concerned individual. They can play safely and happily with the best playground climbing equipment that could be built.

Need Playground Equipment Installation in Austin, TX?

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