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Planning a playground may take just as long as it takes to plan any other public space or even a building. Guests are sure to provide you with important feedback that can help you in your future endeavors. To avoid having to redo any of your planning and to plan ahead for the future, there are certain details that you should focus on right away.

1. Consider the Land

When you are building a playground, you want it to remain stable so that it is safe for all to enjoy. Consider the soil or ground type that your playground will sit on, as something like red mud may be less stable when it rains. Speaking of rain, consider how well the ground and the land drain to ensure there is no flooding or water collection.

2. Landscaping

Though having an amazing setup is part of the attraction of your playground, it is also important to have a good landscape. This is more important to the parents than to the children, but the children cannot get to your playground without a parent. Add trees throughout your playground or even garden areas in which there are flower beds to enjoy. The trees can also give shade to the parents while they are watching their children play in the heat.

3. Borders Around the Playground

You will most likely put down some form of fill surfacing on your playground to protect children from injury when falling. You do run the risk of having some of this filling escape the play area with children running around constantly. To avoid having to replace this filling, add a border around your playground. This can be as simple as a small wall that is about one foot tall that can encompass the perimeter of the playground.

4. Bike Racks

If you want people walking to your playground, especially if it is in a neighborhood, install bike racks. Place at least enough space for a few bikes at every entrance to your playground so that there is a space for everyone to park their bike. Without this proper space, you leave visitors having to tie their bikes to trees or running the risk of having their bikes stolen. Visitors will be able to have fun worry-free, and you will keep nature safe by having these racks.

5. Trash and Recycling Containers

It is important to keep your playground clean and to keep it as environmentally-friendly as possible. Make sure that you have clearly marked trash and recycling containers throughout the park and around the playscape. Visitors will be encouraged to get rid of their trash instead of leaving it sitting on the playground equipment or in the dirt. Plus, with recycling containers, you can help the environment and avoid the risks of pollution that may come from your park.

Playground Installation in Austin

When it comes to playground planning, it’s crucial not to overlook important details. Properly selecting and installing Austin playground equipment is essential to creating a safe and engaging environment for children. By partnering with T.F Harper & Associates, a trusted provider of playground installation in Austin, you can ensure that every aspect of your playground project is handled professionally and efficiently. Don’t wait any longer – contact T.F Harper & Associates today to turn your playground vision into a reality.

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