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How do you know when it’s time to renovate your office space? The answer is not usually cut and dry, but if your office space hasn’t changed much in 10 years or more, you should consider updating and renovating to keep up productivity. Change can be daunting sometimes, but more often than not, even small changes help employees maintain a more positive attitude and positivity helps productivity, no matter the industry. Studies show that renovation leads to innovation, and innovation is the name of the game.

Steps to Renovation

  1. First, you need to determine what your end goal is—will it be growth, adjustment to being more inclusive for those with disabilities, or is it simply time for a change?
  2. Second, decide what needs to be changed, then decide how big of a change is needed. Your renovation plan will be different if you are going to remodel the entire workspace versus just updating some lighting and desk spaces.
  3. Third, know how much you have or are willing to spend.

Once you have those things in mind, you can begin planning the finer details.

Small Change Ideas

If you are only wanting to make a few small changes to update the workspace, here are a few things to try:

Update Light Fixtures and Lighting

Having lights that are capable of dimming can be an easy upgrade to make the space look more inviting during different circumstances. Look for ways to incorporate lighting directly over desks to minimize shadows or blinding lights from odd angles. Upgrading to soft white bulbs versus yellow tinted bulbs is said to help improve mental health and enhance mood and attitude. Proper lighting is especially important for any kind of business or design agency where color matching is necessary (graphic design, photography, marketing, painters, etc…)

Add Windows or Mirrors Where Possible

Studies show that having natural light improves productivity and mental health. If adding windows isn’t possible, you can try adding mirrors strategically to help reflect the natural light but be cautious to avoid shadows and that can be distracting.

Change Carpet or Flooring

Depending on the type of work your office does, having the proper flooring can make a big difference! For example, for a construction company, where there is high-traffic that includes debris from work boots being tracked into the office space, carpeting is likely not the best option. It will only wear down quickly, and extra cleaning will be necessary. Maybe opt for vinyl flooring instead.

Add Color

Enhance the office space with more color by repainting or adding artwork. Spaces often feel smaller when surrounded by monotone colors or too many neutrals. Researching the science of color can be an interesting project to help your employees be more productive, ease stress, and improve morale.

Big Change Ideas

If you are ready for a big change in your workspace, you could incorporate a few of these ideas:

Adjust Partitions

Ditch the cubicles for a more open work area, knock out a few walls, and change office sizes for a big change. This can help employees feel more connected and can improve interdepartmental communication. Move storage to a singular location versus having records or paperwork spread out at each desk or office space.

Upgrade Technology

This can be a big change that can help improve productivity! If computers are a big part of your employees’ jobs, make sure they have the technological capabilities to make things as efficient as possible—no one likes using a computer that isn’t working the way it should.

Be Health-Friendly

This may be as simple as adding more ergonomically friendly desks and seating, or even something as drastic as converting a space into a gym for employees. Restructuring the workday to include more breaks for employees to stand and move from their desks or have the opportunity to get in a quick workout can greatly improve the health and wellness of a company.

Contractors in Austin TX

Finally, no matter how big or small you decide to renovate, who you choose to work with will greatly improve your chances of getting exactly what you want. You shouldn’t settle for mediocre work or ambiguous deadlines. Find a reputable source for the work that needs done, and your office renovation will be a success. If you are looking for a construction project manager in Austin TX look no further than T.F. Harper & Associates, we are one of the leading companies in Austin TX and our team of experts will be happy to help and make your renovation project an effortless experience. We are just one call away!

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