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Once a new building’s construction has been completed, the process of steady maintenance begins. Depending on the new building and location maintenance can vary. Many potential issues can be kept in check with yearly examinations, but here are a few issues to always be on the lookout for.

Fire Hazards

Fire safety is an extremely important part of building maintenance and should be kept up at all times. Common issues to keep an eye out for are those such as making sure all fire alarms are functional, and ensuring that fire extinguishers are available where needed. Fire extinguishers do expire, so they should be kept in date. Some less common issues include such issues as frayed wiring and cords. Wires should not be exposed in the open. In addition, outlets should also be checked. Outlets heating up could be a sign of a fire hazard.


Another issue to watch out for is ventilation issues. Outdoor vents should be checked regularly to make sure that nothing has built up to create a blockage. Blocked vents can be another fire hazard but they can also be dangerous in other ways. Having blocked vents could lead to a build up of deadly carbon monoxide in a building. Air filters should also be changed on a regular schedule. Having vents that are too old or dusty can lead to low air quality, and can also increase the cost of energy for your building.

Issues Arising from Water Damage

Some issues that come from your building’s exposure to water are common and noticeable. Ceiling tiles leaking or showing signs of holding water after rain for example. Leaking pipes are also an issue that should be dealt with immediately. However, some problems are more subtle. Runoff after a rainstorm that settles onto pavement outside of your building can lead to costly problems. Settled soil around a building can direct water back at the building. In addition, large amounts of water seeping into cracks in outside pavement can lead to erosion beneath the pavement. This can cause sinkholes.

Consider Upgrades

If you notice issues such as too much standing water, or runoff directed across old pavement, you may want to consider reaching out to an engineer. An engineer can help determine what can be done to solve your building’s problem. They can also recommend contractors for any remodeling or upgrades you may need. A contractor can work with you to determine how repairs should be made. They will also be able to determine costs of materials and labor so that you can work out a necessary budget for any building remodeling or upgrades that may be needed.

A well maintained facility is important for any structure, and especially for ensure the effectiveness of a new building. Keeping up with fire safety, clean ventilation, and potential water damage can help immensely.

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