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The winter months are the roughest, especially for the men and women of the construction industry who brave it out every morning. All to make sure they make a positive impact when it comes to getting the projects handled. If it sleets or snows, things only get worse.
We’re not here to tell you to steer the other way when you have construction needs during the winter months. In fact, if they’d be somewhere else if you didn’t keep them busy. However, it’s in times like these that you keep a few things in mind and exercise caution to minimize the risk of the workers.

Ensure the location is clear of ice and debris, keeping ice melt around pays off.

Winter storms can throw a lot of hazards right in the way. This could be anything from tree branches to even a power pole if things got bad enough, so make sure you look thoroughly to ensure nothing is in the way to pose a risk. Therefore, you also need to keep in mind that it takes no time for a liquid to freeze into the ice to become a slip hazard.

The last thing they need to do is pull onto the job and get a flat or even worse have to handle an injury of some sort. An extra step you could take is to put ice melt on the sidewalks and your driveway. Now if you’re not able to handle any of this, you can ask them but make sure it’s beforehand and not at the last minute so they can be prepared ahead of time.

Keep an eye out for worse weather, keep them aware if it gets to be intolerable.

If the storm gets worse and you think it’s bad enough to not be able to drive in it, give them a heads up. This could be as simple as a text to the contractor. You just want to make sure they can either chance coming out there amidst the storm. Everyone can use a second set of eyes.

Now what this will do is ensure that they have advance warning to decide to come or not to come. If they come out there and get stuck, well you told them so.”

Make sure they know to take their time, as you’re in no rush, especially in bad weather.

A lot of the time people feel if they’re behind, that the customer is going to set them up for failure. Well it is winter time, but they remain there to stick it out, so you got a little something going for you right off the bat. Just make sure they know to not rush and take the chance of getting hurt, and that you fully understand what it is with the weather and all.

This reassurance will also work to your advantage as they won’t be rushing the process which could lead to having to do more work just to have a quality outcome. Instead, they can continue taking their time without sacrificing quality for time savings. It’s much better that way anyways.

Finally, always make sure the contractor is carrying business liability insurance.

With the heightened risk that mother nature brings with her during the winter months, it couldn’t be more important to make sure that your insurance is current. If something happens, you don’t want to have to cover it or risk losing your business, do you? Exactly, so make sure the contractor is accountable.

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