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Metal buildings can be and are used for a wide variety of purposes. Because they are cheaper to build and maintain, and also because they have an environmentally friendly edge over wood buildings, metal structures have become very popular in many industries. While they are most commonly used as storage buildings, they are also used as barns, garages, airport hangars, office buildings, churches, and even homes. No matter what the use of your metal building, it is important to know how to upkeep them in order to maintain a safe and properly working structure that you can enjoy for years to come.

Regular Inspections

Having your metal building regularly and professionally inspected is a crucial part of your upkeep process. These regular inspections will allow you to catch any small issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems. You will want to schedule these inspections strategically between the harsh seasons in order to be confident that your structure has both endured the passing season without any issues and is ready for the upcoming change in the weather.

The most practical times to schedule your building inspection are late spring and fall. The spring inspection should not be until all chance of snow and freezing are behind you to ensure that your structure has not suffered any damage from the winter weather. Then, before winter comes again and after the summer climate is settling down, you will want to have your building inspected again in order to be confident that it is equipped to endure the harsh winter months.

Repairing Damage

Even though it would be easy to let the small things slide, it is very important that any damages are professionally repaired as soon as possible. Small, seemingly minor problems can quickly turn into bigger, more expensive repairs. Small scratches to your paneling, if left unfixed, can quickly become corrosion problems for your metal building. And regardless of the material of your building, any holes should be professionally filled immediately. These types of issues jeopardize the integrity of your building’s ability to keep moisture out and also its thermal regulation ability.

Be Aware of Water

Water is one of the biggest causes of deterioration of metal buildings. Be aware of excessive amounts of snow getting stuck on the roof of your building over long periods of time. Also, if you identify any leaking at all when it rains, you want to trace the leak to the source in order to have the crack or hole sealed. If water gets stuck in the structure, it is likely you will have to battle mold, corrosion, bacterial growth, bowing to the roof, and, potentially, damage to the foundation of your building as well. If you become aware of places with consistent water build up in your building, you will want to divert it with an appropriate drainage system.

Washing Your Building

Over time, you will notice that organic matter and dirt will get stuck to your building. You will want to make a habit of washing it at least once a year so that you do not accidently create a breeding ground for fungi and filth. Also, dirt left on your building will stain it, causing the appearance and value to drop. Washing your building is as simple as using a mild detergent or soap and warm water and either using a power washer on the lowest setting, or even washing it by hand. Doing this will help keep your building a beautiful safe environment for whatever you plan on using it for.

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