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[nectar_dropcap color=””] T[/nectar_dropcap]he summer months are quickly approaching which can mean a lot of different things for you and your family. If there are kids in your family, it probably means more time at home for them. And while the stress of the school semester schedule in the rear view mirror might make you have a sigh of relief, it might also be followed with this commonly asked question: What am I going to do with the kids all summer? Here are some activities specially designed for your kids to have a great summer of fun in the sun in your own backyard.

Jumbo Jenga

This game is two fold. Not only can they play this with their siblings or friends for months to come, but any activity they have a hand in creating is way more fun. If you purchase the bare wood Jenga blocks and then a pack of colored sharpies, you’ve just bought a creative, productive activity!

Corn Hole

It’s the safer alternative to your kids playing horseshoes. Trust me, one metal horseshoe to your kids shin, and you will be purchasing this game instead.

Relay Race

Any play set is begging for the competitive nature in your kids to show off. Create a set of rules for different aspects of the play set, get a timer, and see what they can do! You could even set up a mock olympics and really get everyone in the spirit.

Epic Bubbles

Did you know that you can create an unlimited amount of bubbles by combining baking powder, cornstarch, dish soap, and water? This opens the door to create massively sized bubbles all summer long.

Tight Rope

Use your playset or any trees to set up a tightrope for your kids! This is a great activity that also helps your kids practice focus and physical discipline.

Put on a Play

Pick out some short scripts and use your playscape as the set if possible. This gives your kids something to focus on, a way to learn to work together, the chance to do some reading, and the chance to express themselves creatively. They can even make their own costumes and props!

And do NOT forget the much needed water games for the kids this summer!

Slip and Slide

Attach a tarp to your playset, hose it down, and let the kids get slippery!

Fill the Bucket

Get large sponges and 4 buckets. Your kids can go head to head or one at a time to see who can fill up their bucket the highest amount of water from the other bucket.

Water Balloon Baseball

This is pretty self explanatory. Use a water balloon and a wiffleball bat. The ones that explode on impact can be a home run, and hitting someone as they run around the bases is an out.

Water Balloon Pinata

It is even more fun if you put some of these balloons on pulleys so you can pull them out of the way when your kid goes to whack one.

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