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Most construction projects have one major problem in common: working past the estimated completion time. This not only causes the project to run above budget, but can create scheduling conflicts for other projects. One project taking too long can very quickly cause others to do the same. While there are a number of reasons for that, a little planning ahead can usually eliminate a lot of the reasons for that. Here are some ways to avoid that!

Make sure communication is clear and open.

When you first sit down with a client, make sure that you have all appropriate contact information, be it e-mail, phone numbers, and even social media. If you need to get in touch with someone, or they you, then it only helps to have the right contact information. On your side there may be issues regarding supplies or workers or the client may have a last-minute inspiration or problem that comes up; the sooner that the situation is known the sooner you can allow for it.

Attack the project with a plan.

It only helps to have a plan for the project. This is more than just the blueprints; it applies to every detail of the project. You need to know when to call people in and when in order to better facilitate completing the project on time, and having a plan you look at allows you to make that schedule happen. It is not that hard to do and it can be changed if necessary, but this means that the you have something to base your scheduling off, making it easier for you to adjust to changes and any problems that come up.

Do not play nice.

The problem with being an expert is that everyone expects you to be able to do anything. The problem is that acquiescing to every little demand can add to the budget and time; while the client may have the money, you may not have the time. While you need to allow for codes and other issues, you should develop a policy early on that changes must be discussed and that they are not a given or else the budget and time needed to deal with those changes will quickly spiral out of control. Your job is to get the project done and to do so on time, and being nice all the time is not conducive to that.

Bring everyone in as soon as possible.

Some construction companies use contractors for some of the work, especially for detail work or when they anticipate losing workers, even temporarily. In some cases, contractors are better than regular laborers because they have specialized skills, such a HVAC installer or electrician, that do not pay to have as part of the regular crew. It also helps to get the regular workers going as quickly as possible; the sooner everyone knows what they are doing the sooner things get done.

In general, the better your organization the quicker you can complete the project, and the happier that he client is. As such remember to get organized as soon as possible and stay that way if you want to get and maintain a reputation as the best, and you should be very busy.

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