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Construction is definitely a lucrative job, though it may be a little laborious. But it is also an industry that requires a lot of care and diligence to make sure you are safe. This is important because the rate of fatal injuries in the construction industry is the highest when compared to other similar industries. One of the major causes of these accidents is related to falls, which is why it is vital to do your best to prevent them. Hopefully the following can help you do just that.

Good Housekeeping Really Does Matter

Perhaps one of the most overlooked tasks that go a long way towards making a work area safe is housekeeping. This includes something as simple as cleaning up after oneself, but the truth is that many people forget to do so. So encourage your fellow workers to keep the work area safe and clean.

Pay close attention to some of the following areas:

  • Wet or damp surfaces need to be taken care of
  • Areas with too much dust, as it reduces the friction safety shoes have
  • Reduce clutter or other obstacles that might cause someone to trip

Lighting Makes a Difference

There are many areas in a construction site that may not be lit well. It is important that these areas are lit before anyone attempts to work. Poorly lit areas, even with helmet lamps can be potentially dangerous. There could be obstacles or other dangerous objects that you cannot see. Make sure lights are installed in the area, or lamps would do the job as well.

It is important that any light fixture is taken care of immediately. And it is important that light switches are easily accessible and close to the entrance. So make sure that fellow workers are aware of the switch to ensure everyone works with proper lighting.

Normal Human Error

It may be overlooked or sometimes an issue that people do not want to admit to, but human error is something that needs to be reduced. One of the most dangerous errors that people make is getting distracted. It is important to stress how important it is to avoid distractions because one moment of distraction can cause a slip or fall.

Distractions come in many forms, like the use of a cellphone. It might be a good idea to keep your cellphone in the car or to simply turn it off while working.

Another type of human error that might be dangerous is taking shortcuts. It is natural for people to avoid every step, but some of these steps are there for protection. Encourage yourself and others to follow every step.

You should also make sure that you do not take on more than you can handle. Say, for example, that you need to carry materials from point A to point B but there are a lot of materials that obstruct your vision. If this happens, do not take any changes, and leave behind enough to ensure that whatever you carry does not obstruct your vision.

These are just some simple tips that may help keep you and others safe at work.

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