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Construction sites are subject to many different safety regulations, but accidents can happen. Whether you are a construction worker or manager on site, or a project owner, always be sure that you adhere to the highest possible safety standards for the safety of yourself and others. Below are some of the most commonly reported construction site accidents from the last few years.


Falls are one of the largest causes of construction site accidents, and the leading cause of on site fatalities. Unfortunately, this has been true for several years. Issues regarding fall protection are also one of the highest cited construction site safety violations. Maintaining proper workplace safety standards are paramount to preventing these common accidents. Appropriate training and equipment should be provided to all workers. Many falls can be prevented if workers are properly trained and reminded to always stay aware of their surroundings. Tools or equipment left unattended on the ground could all become the catalyst for an accident.


Electrocution and shocks are also a common cause of accidents at construction sites. Since construction sites often have unfinished and exposed wiring the danger of coming in contact with one is greatly heightened. Electrical accidents can be as treatable as a small burn, but they can also be fatal. As with falls, an extremely important part of lowering the risk of electrocution is prevention. Training workers in electrical safety and in how to make sure wires are not exposed can help prevent many avoidable accidents and injuries.

Vehicular Accidents

Another disturbingly common cause of construction site accidents is workers being injured or killed by a vehicle. Construction sites pose their own vehicular hazards due to the equipment often required there, but many accidents are caused by non-personnel. Construction workers working on projects near or on a roadway are at an increased risk for these types of accidents. If you are on a construction site near a highway, keep in mind that drivers may be distracted. Be wary of vehicles that are speeding or drifting. And if you are driving through a construction site, remember that keeping your eyes and mind on the road can save a life. Whatever might be distracting you can wait.


Overexertion can also lead to heat stroke. While the risk of overexertion increases in months with high heat, it can happen during any season. Overexertion in colder months can even lead to frostbite and other conditions related to exposure to the elements. Pre-hire physical assessments should always be considered to ensure that workers are prepared for the physical strains that will likely be placed on them. Safety training and workplace assessments can also prepare workers for activities that could cause them injuries due to overexertion. At the very least safety training raises awareness of the type of accidents that are too often the result of overexertion.

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