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Outdoor playgrounds are a fun experience for children to enjoy. However, there are safety considerations to watch out for during the cold winter months. Cold weather can negatively affect certain playground equipment which can make these items unsafe for cold weather use. It is important that parents and childcare providers ensure playground equipment and location area is safe for a child’s use. Nobody wants to deal with painful and often serious harm that may occur just by child play. Generally, the surfaces beneath the equipment can freeze over giving the surface an extra slippery feel. A competent adult should inspect all playground equipment thoroughly prior to a child’s use of the facilities and equipment.

What Playground Areas to Avoid in Cold or Freezing Weather

Metal structures can often accumulate ice that is not visible to the naked eye. If a child climbs upstairs that have this icy surface, then the risk of potential injuries during falls becomes greater. Often, children run across slippery concrete or other surfaces at risk for icy conditions. It is imperative that these areas get inspected and properly performed for safe conditions prior to allowing children to play in these areas.

Dangers of Some Playground Metal Structures

Climbing up monkey bars and similar metal climbing structures is an enjoyable children’s pastime that encourages muscle development. When cold weather moves in, it is important to have experts check playground equipment in Austin for safety. Stairs to ascend to the tops of slides and other equipment should be carefully inspected for any potential hazards. It is wise to evaluate any hardtop surfaces in parking lots, walkways, and under-equipment areas. When the right cold weather arrives, these surfaces can get slippery and potentially pose an extreme fall risk environment.

Call An Expert

Reputable Austin contractor services can help resolve many of these unsafe situations. These climbing equipment fixtures are a popular activity choice, and this playground equipment in Austin can entertain boisterous children for hours at a time. A qualified expert can assess the playground and accompanying equipment quickly. They can give impressive quotes that are exceptionally reasonable. These outdoor construction professionals can also give advice on modification or a specialized treatment to protect against future playground injuries. The benefits of these outstanding services are that they are often affordable, and their work can sometimes lower insurance payments. There is nothing to lose by asking for a professional playground inspection and assessment.

Research Equipment

The good news for parents and other child caregivers is that most swing sets, some slides, and see-saws are often alright to play on. Caregivers should always research the environment and safety measures in areas where children will be playing. Playgrounds are becoming a hot spot for neighborhood get-togethers spots, and these sites encourage healthy exercise so children can maintain good health and acceptable weight. There are certified construction companies that can handle complex playground maintenance in Austin Texas to help keep kids safe this winter season.

If you would like more information about winter weather playground safety & other Austin contractor services, contact T.F. Harper & Associates today.

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