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Inspiration for Building Your Park or Playground

Before you lay the literal foundation for your park or playground, you want to create a foundation of ideas from which to plan out and manage creation. The best planning involves a clear image in your head, an imagination of every asset included, and planning out the feasibility of achieving your image. Which is why we will be going over making the initial design (inspiration included), different pieces and assets that one can use, and the carrying out of the plan.

What is the initial design going to look like? Take a look at our design portfolio to see some of the work we have done previously. And remember, this is just the surface, the main limit is what you can imagine. The best designs will likely contain a combination of your own vision, a combination of our past work and other work that you envision as symbiotically building on to your initial vision of what the final product should look like.

How much land do you have access to?

Whether the area is a small portion of a backyard, a courtyard of a daycare, or a swatch of a public park, the size will always need to be considered when building. The size is important, sometimes just having a tower or two is all you can fit, but if size isn’t an issue, doors are unlocked. You can then place soccer fields, basketball courts, baseball/kickball backdrop.

Who is the structure for?

Is it being built for a daycare? Or an elementary or intermediate school? Or are you actually aiming at creating a fitness park for working out? The design goals will then vary. Fitness parks will benefit by attempting to create the largest variety of obstacles that target the widest range of muscle groups. The best will use each structure to target multiple muscle groups.

Why is this being built?

If the playground is built to benefit the public and be used by families, you may want to consider adding in secondary pieces to your area. These things will allow the park to appeal to young families and allow for larger communal use. These secondary pieces include things like benches, tables, grills and other things that are built for more than just the target demo. But these should only be added when one of your design goals is to include the families. If it is being built for a residential property, then it will be likely that keeping costs down will be a major influence on design decisions. Focus on the necessities first like slides and swings (tire swings can often be far cheaper), and add on the towers after to connect them.

Playground Services in Austin TX

Here at T.F Harper & Associates LP, we love to offer a professional and reliable playground equipment in Austin TX and surrounding areas. Contacts us for more information on how we can turn your Austin Playground Installation to a complete success.

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