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There are base-connected pieces and standalone “attractions”. The connected pieces can be added on as part of the main structure, while standalone pieces would include things off to the side such as seesaw.

Base-Connected Pieces

The base-connected structure will be the towers. Placing several towers next to each other create excellent hubs of natural movements. The towers will be made of either treated wood, painted plastic, or soft semi-plastic material. Towers that differ in size allow for supporting connected structures to have more variety in their features. There are some reasons for having the towers equal heights though. The next thing you will want to decide is how to connect the towers for travel between them. If you do not need to have direct travel between them, one type of swings uses beams between towers as the support for the swings.

But when planning for travel between the structures, the main ways that you can plan for that is with monkey bars, bridges, or rope mesh. This is helpful since the towers can now function as ways to access multiple pieces at once. One tower could contain a rock-climbing wall, a slide or two, a vertical version of monkey bars, stairs, poles and much more. But essentially towers can contain a beginner level entrance, a few more challenging entrances, and a slide or bridge. This is the best way to make sure that your playground can work for as many ages as possible. The side pieces can be a firemen’s pole, which requires a large amount of upper body strength, or something like a rock-climbing wall.

Standalone Pieces

The number of standalone pieces used will depend on obvious things like size available and funding. But it also will depend on your demo age, variety in your towers, and things of that nature. The standalone pieces can include things that more than one person can use at a time as well, and are cheap to build and maintain. Tether ball is great for all ages, and is great for creating interaction at the park. A merry-go-round is great for something that parents can use to entertain more than just one of their kid at a time. A seesaw is good for younger demographics, and encourages play.

A swing-set is also great for letting parents play with their kids, and lets a wide age group have fun. Swings are also normally not overly expensive. For exercise parks or parks aimed at keeping people active, chin-up bars are easy to build and great for exercise. Jungle gyms are similar in that regard. If you have a large amount of space, a basketball court can be a great addition to any playground or public park. In much the same way, mazes, while taking up space, are a great way for kids to learn memory and problem solving skills essential to development.

Playgrounds are great for children’s development, and fitness parks are great for physical development. We hope you use all of this to create a park beneficial to your community.

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