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Everyone’s childhood is filled with playground stories as there are few things that appeal to children more than swings, track, and slides. This is one reason why parents usually look forward to installing a playground set in their back or front yards. Having your own playground is a solution to many potential problems in itself. Parents get to safeguard their children from strangers and potentially harmful people. However, to minimize the dangers of playground equipment, it is best for individuals to select a high quality playground material. Their choices will most likely be either wooden or metal structures, which makes it useful for them to learn how to evaluate the features of playground structures.

Although, both materials will perfectly comply with proper safety standards as both are considered highly competent, the client’s choice would address the specifics that suit him better. For example, if he/she is willing to invest in the longevity of a playground equipment, they might want to learn why metal is a better choice:

Metal Playground Equipment

A metal structure is characterized by many advantages; it is a widely used material by commercial construction companies in Austin, TX. Plus, swings and slides have always primarily been made of metal.


High quality metals come naturally come equipped with weather resistant properties, as opposed to wooden structures. In order to make wood resistant to such conditions, work has to be done which raises the cost of production as a whole. Therefore, it is relatively cheaper to build metal structures that have a greater endurance level.


Metal swings require less maintenance while wooden ones demand servicing in accordance with the weather. Since most swings are constructed with galvanized steel, they can be used freely without having to worry about strong impact from playing freely. When it comes to a metal equipment factors like weather are ruled out as metal is not weather sensitive like wood equipment. Wood also eventually peels off and causes splinter injuries to the hands and skin, while metal swings at the most require paint and sealants every now and then. Talk to your Austin contractors to learn more on how metal playgrounds can last throughout the years.


Since metal swings are easier to build, its assembly naturally costs less and consumes less time. The metal framing is easier to put together and weighs significantly lighten than that of wood. At the most, clients would require two technicians to manage the installation project swiftly. Metal framing is also much reliable as it doesn’t tend to warp like wooden framing and stays the same size all throughout. These assembly services and more can be easily performed by your Austin, TX contractor.

Hiring a Reputable and an Experienced Professional Company

Seeking guarantee is key when it comes to long term use of equipment. A competent company will offer material that possesses the following properties:

  • Premium quality finish
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Capable of withstanding natural weather conditions as well as rough and tough playing/activities

The company will guarantee a top notch hardware that complies with all safety requirements or rather exceeds the standard certification.

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