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Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent modular construction is the process of making homes and buildings from pieces that are small enough to transport on a semi-trailer. The pieces come already made as they are intended to be simply fit together with appropriate bolts and fasteners to create a finished and lasting building.

The Role of Architects and Designers

There are architects and designers who specialize in designing the pieces for these buildings. The pieces, or modules, are then constructed off site and then moved to the location and put together; almost like a life scale model. The architects who make these modules have to be very specific at times, while at other times the modules are very basic. Sometimes drywall and paint are applied on site, other times the modules arrive completely finished. The basis and cost of construction are key roles in determining how complex the sections need to be before they are put together.

The Role of Builders and Construction Crews

It is the role of the designer or builder to select the appropriate modules for construction. In some cases, where there are many similar rooms, similar looking modules are used. Sometimes they are simply stacked. Everything from the stairwells, the bathrooms, the elevators, and the elevator shafts comes prefabricated, and can be delivered on a semi. Cranes are used to place the pieces together, and construction workers are there on site to ensure that proper bolting is secured and fasteners are securely in place.

The Future of Permanent Modular Construction

One day, perhaps, it will be so easy that you can simply pick the pieces you want for your home online, and simply have them delivered and put together on your site. However, you also must have proper wiring and plumbing, and currently all of this needs to be taken care of on site before the modules are delivered. Everything must also be measured before it is designed. So for now, designers and builders are highly recommended.

Reception of Permanent Modular Construction

This is an exciting new technology that is shaping our cities and our lives. In a compartmentalized world, modular building is quickly becoming a more affordable and more logical choice than traditional construction techniques. Plus the designers and their programs are so advanced that designing the plans for these modules becomes a snap. Overall, Modular Construction is a great choice because the modules are durable, and simply come together to make a building. For homes, office buildings, retail, and storage, modules are a quick way to get a structure built with less cost.

Looking Forward

Imagine buying a piece of property, and having a house in nearly a week; finished and ready to go just how you want it. That’s what modular construction can do. A lot of times there are standard and basic modules for typical construction jobs, like homes for example. There are almost infinite possibilities with this type of design. The home modules can be anything. Just use your imagination.

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