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Improving First Impressions

A commercial business thrives on its ability to sell itself. Not only must it sell its products or services but it has to sell itself as a reputable company. As an owner of a business, you’ve likely put a great deal into investing in your marketing and advertising. However, there may be one aspect of your business that hasn’t been given the same amount of attention. Your landscape. True, that when you initially think of landscaping you attribute it solely to the residential sector. However, not having landscaping performed in the area around your business is a lost opportunity. First impressions are made before a customer even walks into your business. If it looks unkempt, your customers aren’t going to have a good feeling from the moment they arrive in the parking lot. To help ensure you make the best first impression possible, here are a few tips on how to landscape around your commercial building.

Add A Playground

Even if your business isn’t geared towards children, it’s an incredible idea to have a playground fit on your property. This provides three benefits for your business. The first is that it makes your business look family-friendly. It makes you appear as though you have children of your own and are focused on the family. That makes you appear trustworthy and reliable. The second benefit that it provides a place for children to play while customers shop or utilize your services. Just for a few moments, their children are entertained. The third benefit is that it encourages traffic near your building. Customers who might not have thought about your business first are now introduced to it while they let their children play on the playground.

Place Trees Strategically

When thinking about the landscape design of your commercial business, it’s vital that you mix form with function. You don’t want to just plant flowers here and there and call it a day. This can appear unprofessional and haphazard. Instead, look to utilize the plants and trees in a strategic way. For example, one of the best landscaping methods you can utilize is to use trees to line the path to the entrance door. You should always look at highlighting the key ways of entering your store. A beautiful path of trees–carefully maintained trees, mind–can be an excellent method for doing this. Not only does it look beautiful and calming but it also serves a purpose.

Offer Soothing Spaces

Whether they’re used by your employees or your customers, your commercial business should always have an outdoor place where everyone can just relax. You can provide this soothing atmosphere with your landscaping. Including a fountain can offer soothing water sounds and a focal point for the Zen garden. Benches should also be included along with a table or two for those who like to eat outside. Finally, you can make this area secluded by planting trees and shrubs around it. By offering a place of serenity, your customers can find comfort when visiting your business.

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