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Water damage can cause considerable damage to your business operations. Water leaks that go undetected can ruin valuable equipment, inventory, and even close business operations for a considerable time. Be sure to follow these tips for preventing and detecting water leaks and consulting knowledgeable experts along the way.

Bathroom Leaks

One of the most used areas of your office is probably the bathroom. If left unchecked, leaks from toilets, sinks, and other plumbing can cause serious damage and an unfortunate mess. If the office has older plumbing, it may be wise to call an expert to inspect the existing pipes’ integrity. Otherwise, inspect your bathroom plumbing annually or more often for any warning signs. These may include: warped flooring, rust colored water, corrosion, or a sharp increase in your water bill. Well-maintained bathrooms will keep your employees and customers happy.


Another shared space that is prone to leaks would be the kitchen area or break-room of your business. Depending on your setup, you may have several appliances that are prone to leaking. Sinks and the plumbing underneath should be inspected for any signs of water damage. The hosing and pipes should be checked for punctures or kinks, which could turn into full blown leaks so you should make sure that you also know where the water shutoff valve is in case of emergency.

If your break room has a fridge with an icemaker, it is wise to inspect the water line periodically and replace it if it looks damaged. Make sure to avoid over-tightening the connector and also avoid pushing the fridge too close to the wall.

The office may have other common kitchen appliances that should be checked regularly. Appliances such as water dispensers, dishwashers, hot water heaters, and others all have water lines that can leak and cause unwanted water damage. If you’re ever unsure of a problem in the interior of your office building, be sure to call an expert for their opinion.


It is easy to forget about properly maintaining the exterior of your building until it becomes a problem. The roof should be inspected and cleared of debris that could cause water buildup. Ice, snow, and heavy rain could easily become a huge problem and cause painful leaks inside the building. No customer or employee wants to see buckets underneath a leaky roof. So it is important to hire professionals to clean out gutters, rain pipes, and to inspect the integrity of the roofing materials.

Cold Weather Maintenance

When cold weather is brewing, make sure to protect the plumbing closest to the exterior of your building to prevent freezing and bursting pipes. Add insulation to pipes wherever possible, and disconnect hoses or other outside lines in the winter or when not in use. You may need to trickle the water in the pipes or keep the colder areas of your building regularly heated to prevent bursts, but it can be worth it in order to prevent leaks.

Prevention is Key

Water leakage prevention and detection is probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to running your business, however, a little effort in inspecting your office can go a long way in making sure no catastrophic leaks occur. If you’re ever unsure about a potential problem and solution, make sure to consult an expert to determine the best course of action to take.

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