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Our Austin general contracting experts will help you recognize the differences between the different types of contractors but first, let us begin with what a contractor is. A contractor is a person or entity that enters into a contract, or agreement, to perform services. Construction contractors are involved in building or repairing the property. An individual or business desiring to build or repair premises would hire a construction contractor. The terms of the transaction, such as the overall scope of the project, timeline, price, etc., would be found in the contract entered between the parties.

There are numerous types of construction contractors in Austin TX and around the world as we’ll discuss below. While each type of contractor is unique, all share some common elements. Each type of contractor specializes in specific types of work and knows best how long a project will take, and on what budget.

Choose an Experienced Construction Contractor

Because construction projects are often complex, any individual or business entering into a construction contract needs to work with an experienced contractor to avoid potential headaches, budget issues, or missed deadlines.

An experienced construction contractor learns from work experience. That knowledge is beneficial to both the owner of the property and the construction contractor. Look for a construction contract that has completed a variety of projects and understands all the possibilities, outcomes, and potential pitfalls that may be encountered in construction.

General Contractors Handle Everything

Working with an general contractor sets your project up for success because they offer comprehensive services. For example here an individual looking to have a new office building constructed would enter into a contract with a general contractor. All payments and contacts between the parties would go between the owner and the general contractor.

Then, the general contractor hires subcontractors, as discussed below. Any contracts would be between the general contractor and the subcontractor. They would not involve the owner of the property. Experienced general contractors know who they can work with to keep a construction project on target.

Construction Subcontractors

  • Roofers
  • Plumbers
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Many More

Subcontracting, as mentioned above, is a specialized type of construction contract. A general contractor will most likely hire all of the above-named contractors to have work completed. Payment will come from the general contractor pursuant to the terms of the contract, so you don’t have to worry about any of the details regarding how everything is done during the construction.

Specialized Contractors for Specialized Jobs

These same types of subcontractors can also enter into direct construction contracts with property owners for specialized jobs.

If a homeowner needs a new roof, they wouldn’t hire a general contractor. Instead, they would negotiate directly with a roofer, and sign a construction contract to install a new roof. This same concept applies to all the subcontractors listed above, along with a long list of other specialized companies that provide various services. An example of more specialized services would be a firm that installs swimming pools.

A general contractor is essential when it comes to large projects that need a lot of various types of work done, and they keep track of progress to ensure each subcontractor is hitting their deadlines.

Who Signs a Construction Contract?

A construction contract is signed by the owner of the property and the firm providing the services. This applies to all of the various types of construction contractors. A construction contract with a general contractor is an agreement for comprehensive services, while a direct contract with a subcontractor is an agreement for specialized services.

All types of construction contracts are in writing, or at least they should be. The contract spells out the terms of the agreement. In addition to price, it will be specific to the services provided. The construction contract should also provide a deadline for completion.

If you need any commercial construction projects in Austin completed quickly, on time, and within budget,  Our commercial contractors in Austin at T.F. Harper & Associates are ready to help. We have a nearly 50-year track record of meeting and exceeding expectations when it comes to quality and reliability, and we’d love to help you next.

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