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Each commercial building is unique. There is no one solution for preparing your building for winter. Every space or building in your company may need special needs to keep the indoor air quality pure and your outdoor areas safe. Consider these tips in order to avoid damage in and around your building and ensure your property remains safe during the winter.

HVAC System

To begin with, your HVAC system should be completely checked out by an authorized service technician. All the filters should be replaced to help your system run effectively and efficiently. Make sure that cracked ductwork and any broken parts are replaced. Clogs in the drain line should be cleared so everything runs out smoothly. Any unused air-conditioning units should be covered for the winter months.

Winter Storms

Winter storms can cause power surges and loss of power. Power surge protectors should be connected to all your office equipment that deals with confidential data. Back up all your files on the cloud or off-site for your protection.


Pipes are at a higher risk for bursting and freezing with the colder temperatures of winter. Water damage can become costly to your business if you ignore your plumbing problems. A specialist may not be needed to winterize your building plumbing. Your maintenance crew should be able to check for cracks, small leaks, and missing insulation. Openings around all exposed pipes should be sealed. Thermostats should be set according to the usage of the room. A conference room that is only used once a week can be put at a higher temp until in use. Working areas would need to be set at a more comfortable temp for your employees.


All windows should be inspected both on the outside and inside. Make sure they are sealed properly. This can help to reduce your energy bills and keep mold and moisture from forming around your windows. Windows that are older and showing signs of aging should be replaced to prevent any damage being done to the exterior or interior of your building.

Outdoor Lighting

Wintertime brings more dark hours around your commercial building. You will want to make sure that all outdoor lights are checked and replace any that are not working properly. Lighting fixtures should be cleaned to make sure that all walkways are well lite. Sidewalks and patio areas should be checked for any potholes, cracks or any trip hazards. They should be fixed and sealed to prevent injuries. Signs should be placed on any holes or cracks that can not be fixed right away.

Commercial Roofs

Loose shingles and damaged flashings should be fixed. Gutters need to be cleaned so ice dams do not form. Gutters need to be checked to make sure they are secured to your building properly. Check the insulation in your attic. If the insulation is worn and old, replace the insulation. This will help to keep the cost of your heating down and ice from forming on your roof. Have a plan in place in case of a heavy snowfall. Snow should be taken off the roof whenever possible.

Fire Safety

Your safety equipment and fire prevention equipment should be examined. Sprinkler systems need to be checked and cleaned if needed. Fire extinguishers should be up to date and you should have working smoke detectors in all the proper areas. Fire alarms should be checked by doing a fire drill and making sure that all of them go off at the proper times.

More Tips from Your Austin Contractor Service Professionals

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