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With 2021 upon us, it is now more important than ever to understand how playgrounds will be affected by the current crisis. Although the playground industry looks to be returning to normal with kids returning, there are still some trends that can have a future impact on playgrounds and their overall function.

Here are a few trends that could pop up in a neighborhood near you during 2021.

Playgrounds Utilizing Human Power to Function

This year may see a growing fascination with integrating interactivity into a playground but without the use of any batteries. This is where the utilization of human power comes into play to enjoy electronic toys.

When human power is employed, the child must exert their own energy in order to make an activity work. These methods could involve turning wheels or handles or stepping on foot pedals. When playgrounds utilize equipment such as these, the user is able to enjoy the feelings that games, music, lights, and stories are able to generate.

Since this type of play equipment is sustainable for the environment, they are ultimately engaging, cost-effective, and fun to play on while strengthening the child’s innovative spirit.

Tougher Playground Health Guidelines

Unfortunately, the pandemic has spread into 2021 and will be affecting the way kids can visit their favorite playgrounds. You can expect a lot of tougher guidelines being enforced such as the maximum amount of children allowed to play at one time. Plus, you can expect the continued implementation of sanitizers, masks, and eliminating close contact with others to ensure the safety of all.

Increased Amounts of Space

Taking the health guidelines one step further can be expected by increasing the amount of playground space. This will be seen in both functionality and design in order to maintain required distance. Being spacious can also allow a higher amount of children to enjoy a playground while respecting the guidelines. In addition, being spacious also allows the design to become a benefit for the entire community as it is truly unknown when the pandemic will end.

Innovative Improvements

Many playgrounds around the country are overdue for innovative improvements that go beyond activities that are physical. This is due in part by advanced visual and audio technology such as laser lights and sensors that encourages play without contact. Incorporating playground equipment that is new and traditional will provide a whole experience that encourages redefined play.

Incorporating Inclusion

When a playground incorporates inclusion it will include many ideas that work together for the enjoyment of all. Specifically, it ensures playground equipment can be implemented by children with physical disabilities and handicaps. Inclusion also permits all children to enjoy their play together without worrying if a child is capable of using the equipment.

Integrating Outdoor Learning with Play

The pandemic truly has transformed the classroom and learning is now undergoing a transition to the outdoor area. This will courage more play and classes can truly benefit when they utilize these areas among a playground. These outdoor learning areas will also allow recess more. These playground learning areas can have the same amenities as the classroom such as sanitizer, shelter, tables, and chairs just like a classroom.

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