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The age of traditional construction is dying and beginning to give way to a period of rapid construction techniques. Technology has become an ever-present facet of the lives of us all, and we can’t help but use it for everything we do. Whether it’s organizing our pictures or keeping track of our schedules, the right technology always seems to be there for us whenever we need it. Of course technology has its benefits, but not all businesses embrace the bleeding edge of innovations. The same rings true for construction companies: many are built on several standards that include both the modern and traditional ways of doing things. Although that’s difficult to give up at times, sticking with what works is also an important concept that shouldn’t be ignored.

With all this in mind, there is always a time and place for construction companies to incorporate new technologies, as long as they conduct careful planning and consideration before implementing such an idea. New technologies should always be researched thoroughly, and construction companies who do their due diligence can bring huge advantages to a project in terms of time, budget and communication.

We have compiled a list of three new construction innovations that you should look out for when choosing a construction company to work with. Contractors who embrace these technologies can offer a distinct advantage to your project.

1) Development of wireless power-transmitting antennas

Wireless power has been in development for several years now as projects like this one continue to research their product. The purpose of this technology is for appliances to be able to receive electric energy directly from transmission stations without having wires as intermediaries as seen here. As you know, the construction industry’s use of power tools is a must. Now imagine working with a construction company who can take their power tools with them to a job site without having long cords dragging behind them or worrying about tripping over wires. This wireless antenna can eliminate both these problems and make running wired connections between appliances obsolete. Imagine how much faster the installation process would be if all your contractor had to do was plug in their devices and begin working.

2) Development of 3D printing

3D printing has become extremely popular lately due to the fact that it allows anyone to create anything their minds can think up out of thin air (quite literally). With this technology, what once took months before now only takes hours, which makes this an excellent innovation for construction-based companies. Imagine how quick and easy the construction of a new building would be if your contractor could simply print the planned project out in 3D, allowing everyone working on the project to visualize every detail.

3) Research and development of hologram technology

The future of Hollywood films may not be what you think considering that holograms are becoming more than just “an entertainment experience”. As you read this, there is research being done to use holographic images for medical purposes as well as telecommunication purposes. In addition to this, there is also a great deal of research being conducted on holographic buildings which could be fantastic. Imagine being able to walk around a construction site in your lab and inspect the building from every single angle possible without having to actually visit it. These holograms could also allow engineers, architects, etc. to effectively communicate with one another, even when they are in different locations across the world.

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