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Bad weather doesn’t mean that a construction site should take a loss in productivity. The reality is that it will cause apprehension for many because typically, bad weather is a money killer in the general construction business. It normally means a loss of revenue because of deadlines that aren’t met. However, there is a way to prevent losses when the weather starts to go south.


It may sound simplistic, but placing a tent over the site when the weather gets bad can save the time which would otherwise be lost. It requires more than a simple pop-tent though. There are specific site tents which enclose the area in inclement weather. They have been used for years in excavation sites in Egypt back in the day. They work extremely well. They have weather controls inside to make the site perfect for the staff who are building. When the contractor has this built into the contract, it is even more profitable. When you have this safeguard in place, then the project stays on track and no excuses for delays need to be given.


If a general contractor wants to stay in business, the company simply cannot make any excuses. Just because the weather was bad during the time in which the project was set to begin doesn’t mean that is an excuse. There are countless numbers of general contractor companies that fail because of excuses made to clients. It’s always a mistake.

Avoid the Issues

Most good general contractors have the costs and time losses built into the original contract with their client. Often having a contract like that built into the whole project can prevent a lot of the losses, unless the weather is so bad that nothing can be completed. Most projects have this built into the deal in order to get clients who refer the general contractor to other clients. Building a client list is what the business is all about. It’s the only way to make good money.

How Important is Staying on Schedule?

Staying on schedule is the only way to make sure that the customer is happy. Allowing some headway time can help prevent misunderstandings that can and do happen. After all, when people know what to expect, even a delay in the schedule is built in. It won’t feel like a delay.

Combining it All

When everything is combined the entire project has a better chance of success. Any good general contractor can create a site where a tent is used for the comfort of the workers and to protect against inclement weather. Taking these simple precautions can make the difference in the success of the work. Everything can be delivered on time if potential delays are handled appropriately.

If weather conditions do become challenging, then having a contract with conditions built in, which provides a time cushion in the event of problems that come up from the weather, is perfect. That contract having the agreed details in it helps protect the entire deal. Everybody wins, and the general contractor can make another repeat client.

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