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Prepare With a Plan

When accepting a job for a client, you always want to put your best foot forward an have everything work seamlessly. That doesn’t always happen even with the best plan, but you can ensure that the majority of the time you will have a successful execution if you follow a few helpful guidelines. The reputation of your company relies heavily on your conduct, the conduct of your employees and how you and your team carries out tasks.


First and foremost, communication is if the utmost importance. Many errors occur simply because of miscommunication or no communication. Be sure to let your client know of any subcontractors or suppliers that will be working on their projects and be sure to also to go over the execution plan with your client as well.

You basically do not want to have any room for error, and that includes having your client in the know so that they are able to object if they are not happy with anything. Don’t assume that you know what they want. Make sure that you handle material inspections and verify that all finished work will meet the proper specifications. Quality assurance will help to increase efficiency as well and improve customer satisfaction.

You want to have a quality assurance plan in place that outlines and details each responsibility of your employees and the necessary qualifications to get the job done and done right. It should also specify not only the suppliers but also the materials that they will ship and anything else that pertains to the particular project that you are working on.

Organization is Key

Organization is also an important factor to consider. An organization chart that outlines detailed job descriptions can help to ensure that your end results meet high standards. Your plan should include qualifications and training, and it should also include required documentation for the person fulfilling certain jobs.

Work Verification

Another thing to consider is work verification. You should make sure that certain employees receive certain tasks and that they are completely clear in what their duties entail and what responsibilities they have. They should also check their work to make sure that they have completed it and that they have carried it out to your standards. If your employees know that you have high standards, they will know that they need to do their best or you will not accept the quality of work. A good quality assurance plan should specify critical tasks that need to be completed and which tasks will be carried out by whom.

Be Ready For When Things Go Wrong

You should also plan for the possibility that things will go wrong. You can’t always foresee everything, and things will go wrong from time to time so the best way to handle it is to have a plan in place. Your quality control plan should set out what your plan of action is and all the procedures and corrective actions that you will take. Outline that you will prevent cover-ups and that you will also be keeping a record of incidents.

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