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The construction industry records a startling number of accidents per year than other industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 800 occupational fatalities were reported due to fall and trip hazards in 2016 alone. Many firms in the building sector incur a lot of expenses by compensating victims and families of such job related accidents. However, in order to protect workers going forward, many companies are also focusing on educating all employees on the important safety measure that must be observed to lower the number of construction site injuries.

Importance of Insurance

This safety measure is considered to be part of the construction industry’s culture. Some firms purchase insurance to cover the cost of the expenses. In most states, it is mandatory for construction companies to purchase insurance policies for their workers. In the event of any injuries, the insurance companies pay for the medical expenses. However, the insurance firms can only compensate up to a certain limit. If the limit is exceeded, the building company pays for the bills. The best option is to educate and protect workers so that preventable injuries do no occur.

Lead by Example

There are many strategies a construction firm can adopt to avoid or lower the number of fatalities. One of the most effective ways is for the management to lead by example. For example, the management team should adhere to the set rules at all times and make use of the safety gadgets. The other employees are likely to do the same as most junior workers tend to view their bosses as their role models.

Provide Protective Equipment

The firm should provide appropriate protective gears for all construction workers. The employees should be allowed to pick the gears or gadgets that they find easier to work with. Employees should also be educated on the proper use of any protective gear they must work with.

Reward Adherence to Safety Standards

Rewards are also important in encouraging the workers to observe safety rules. You should ensure that the employees who adhere to the set safety guidelines are rewarded. The rewards could be monetary or non-monetary. However, some professionals recommend the use of financial incentives.

Discipline for Lack of Adherence

For the workers who break the safety rules, disciplinary actions should be taken against them. For example, the management can suspend their contract. If they fail to change after resuming to work, you can terminate their services.

Provide Education

The management can also teach their employees the safety and health practices during the recruitment process. Some of the resources to use during the training include videos. Some firms use demonstrations for their employees to learn about safe work practices.

First Aid Training

The workers should also be trained on basic first aid techniques. A few individuals from each department should be selected to get the training. The practice ensures that victims of work-related accidents are taken care of before taking them to a professional medical practitioner.

Department-Wide Compliance

The management must ensure participation by all the key stakeholders in embracing safety measures as part of the organization’s culture. For example, a committee consisting of all departmental heads can be formed. A few junior employees can also be included in the committee to show them that they are valued for their role in the growth of the company. This committee should focus on implementing the set safety guidelines. If the rules are well implemented, you can expect a positive change.

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