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What is Austin Construction Management?

Construction Management, also known as Construction Project Management, is a process consisting of a variety of services required for construction projects through planning, design, construction, and post construction. The objective is to complete construction to the project owner’s satisfaction while also managing the quality, cost, time, and scope set for the project. Project management is overseen by a Construction Project Manager. This position can be fulfilled by an individual or sometimes by a group, depending on the requirements of the project and the needs of the project owner.

Project Manager

A Construction Project Manager oversees all areas of Construction Management throughout the project. This individual or group’s responsibilities include management planning, cost management, time management, quality management, contract administration, safety management, and Construction Manager professional practice.

Project Management Planning

Project Management Planning involves deciding how a project will be carried out, monitored, and controlled. A Construction Project Manager will create baselines and management plans to the satisfaction of the project owner’s needs, with input from the project team. Most projects will begin this process before construction is undertaken and will continue to apply it throughout the duration of the project.

Cost Management

Cost Management on a construction project includes all facets of financial matters connected to the project. Construction Project Manager’s will estimate the project budget before construction begins, and he or she will also ensure that the budget satisfies the project owner’s contract. After the budget is decided upon, it is the Construction Project Manager’s task to ensure that the project will be completed within that specified budget.

Time Management

Time Management is integral to a construction project’s completion. The majority of projects have a set date for completion that is generally decided by the project owner in the original contract prior to any actual construction. It is the duty of the Construction Project Manager to ensure that the project is completed by this date. In order to achieve this, Construction Project Manager’s will create schedules for all companies and subcontractors working on the project so that they know in advance in what time they will be required to complete their work.

Quality Management

Project Quality Management is the process of making certain that the final product of the construction meets the project owner’s specifications and satisfies the original contract. Quality Management centers on preventing errors during construction rather than dealing with errors at the end of the project. The Construction Project Manager’s responsibility is to oversee and ensure that high quality is attained throughout the entire project.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration involves planning and developing various contracts. Contracts that the Construction Project Manager oversees can include those with the project owner, with the subcontractors, and with any other workers on the project, as well as with municipalities in the area. The Construction Project Manager sees that these contracts are negotiated and upheld throughout the duration of the project.

Safety Management

Safety Management on a construction project is another job delegated to the Construction Project Manager. While the companies, Austin contractors, and subcontractors attached to the project have safety protocols they are required to abide by, it is the Construction Project Manager’s responsibility to see that those protocols are adhered to, and to make certain that everyone on the site is protected at all times.

Construction Manager Professional Practice

Construction Manager Professional Practice is the process of managing the entire project team, defining the roles and responsibilities of team members and subcontractors, and overseeing the project, ensuring quality and safety, until completion.

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Construction project management is an essential part of any successful building project. It requires the right team of professionals to ensure that all aspects are properly managed and that the project is completed on time and within budget. If you’re looking for experienced construction companies in Austin TX, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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