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Constructing a Safe Playground is Important

It is important for parents or organizations in the central Texas area considering the construction of a playground to use a construction company with experience. There are many different elements associated with building a successful playground. An experienced construction company will know how to provide a playground that is visually appealing as well as fun, and most of all, safe.

Safe Construction Area

One of the first things that needs to be done before construction begins is to choose an area for the playground that is completely safe. It is important that the ground where the playground will be built is level. There should also be solid ground underneath it. The space where the playground will be constructed should have no branches overhanging. Electrical wires, old fences, and any other items that could become a hazard need to be avoided.

Playground Design

This is going to be strongly influenced by the playground equipment desired and the space available. There are various overhead climbing apparatuses and other items made to help children be active and get exercise. There are also items designed to help children build social skills as well as expand their imaginations and more. Check here for tips on playground designs.

Age Appropriate Equipment

It is important to choose playground equipment that is age-appropriate. The activities available at the playground should provide challenges for the appropriate grade levels. The right equipment will encourage the development of skills by helping children learn coordination as well as confidence. It may be good to provide a number of slides. Some will be good for children under the age of 5 and others will be good for children as old as 12. There are many different climbing experiences and other options available for children of different ages and abilities.

Playground Surface

The surface of a playground is an important safety feature. There are a number of surfaces designed to help cushion any child who accidentally falls during playground activity. There is engineered wood fiber as well as rubber that is poured in place. In some playgrounds, recycled fill rubber is effective as well as recycled bonded rubber. Some playgrounds do well with recycled rubber tiles and others have turf. An experienced construction company can help with determining what is the best playground surface for an individual situation.

Safety With Climbing Equipment

There is a wide variety of climbing equipment able to be placed on a playground. This could be horizontal as well as vertical ladders. There are arches and different shapes and sizes of rock climbing walls. It is important for parents to realize adult supervision is essential when their children are on climbing equipment. Most injuries occur when children are not being properly supervised. Children using climbing equipment need to be taught to always use both of their hands. It’s also important they remain behind the person in front of them. Prior to dropping from the bars, children need to make certain they will avoid hitting equipment or other children on the way down.

Inclusive and Accessible

One of the most essential elements of a playground is for it to be inclusive as well as accessible. To accomplish this will require the playground meeting certain accessibility guidelines. The ratio of elevated activities to ground-level should be a serious consideration. The playground will need to accommodate the community as well as the safety needs of the children who will be using it.

For more information about constructing safe and fun playgrounds, contact T. F. Harper & Associates LP, an Austin construction company, to speak to an expert.

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