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Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems are referred to as CMMS. This is computer software designed specifically to make maintenance management simpler and easier. CMMS is sometimes called EAM or Enterprise Asset Management. This term has been broken down into individual components and is detailed below.


The term computerized is in reference to a computer being utilized to store the maintenance data. This has currently become a fairly common concept. Prior to the 1980’s a pencil and paper was still being commonly used for the recording of maintenance data. This was the reason maintenance was considered reactive instead of proactive. The only time maintenance was performed was when there was an issue or a problem. Preventative maintenance was much less common because tracking assets was unrealistic regarding routine maintenance. This was because a filing cabinet contained all the maintenance records for the assets.

During the late 1980’s and early in the 1990’s CMMS solution started becoming available. Numerous businesses began making the change from a pencil and paper to the computer. These organizations were suddenly able to generate accurate reports quickly, track their work orders and determine exactly which assets were in need of preventative maintenance. This was responsible for improving organization, extending the lifespan of the assets, reducing the costs and ultimately increasing the profits.


CMMS software users perform maintenance on a daily basis. This may be as a response for an on demand work order regarding a broken window or the routine inspection necessary for a generator. It is not currently possible for software on a computer to perform the same work as that of a skilled technician. The software is capable of correctly prioritizing and ensuring the labor and inventory are in place to ensure success. CMMS solutions provide technicians with the freedom to concentrate on hands on maintenance instead of spending time on paperwork.


The most important role of a CMMS solution is the management of maintenance. The design of maintenance management software provides the user with instant insight regarding the state of the necessary needs for maintenance. This includes accurate inventory forecasts, comprehensive schedules for work orders and immediate access to hundreds of reports that are invaluable. Maintenance management is made easier by CMMS solutions because managers are empowered with information giving them the ability to make incredibly informed and accurate decisions.


The basic definition of a system within a CMMS is a combination of the capabilities and features. The different types of CMMS solutions available offer different opportunities for different system types. The best type of CMMS system is capable of enabling the users to accomplish all necessary maintenance practices that are much more effective. At the same time the system provides features to save time. This results in a decrease of costs and saves the users valuable time.

CMMS software makes it easy to manage work orders, purchase orders, preventive maintenance tasks, inventory levels, fleet and so much more. CMMS software products are available in a wide range of features, options and system requirements.

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