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We’ve all heard the saying “If you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail.”

The cornerstone of any successful construction project is to first plan what needs to be done in detail. Before any actual construction begins, preconstruction services must be rendered when preparing for a construction project. Often referred to as precon, the planning, coordination, and control of a construction location needs a client’s requirements in order to be given the green light to obtain financing and also to begin the work. Preconstruction services should be tailored to a client’s needs. Well informed decisions about the project should entail the balance of schedule, cost, and quality of the services to be provided. In detail, theses services should include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Project Scheduling
  • Engineering Services
  • Utility Mapping

Creating the Vision

Embarking on a new construction project takes vision. Materializing this vision takes will, preparation, and articulation of your desires to the assigned construction team. Preconstruction services define the project’s scope vividly. They defines the scheduling, costs, time-frame, and more. Doing so will ensure that your contractors share your ideal and vision. The preconstruction process provides the necessary information needed to determine the practicality of your project. Any potential funding shortages of a project need to be identified. This will allow the construction team to make the necessary adjustments to fulfill the project without any potential downtime. Agreeing on a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for your project will ensure that the financial cap will be sufficient.

The Collaborative Process

Problems are bound to occur when it comes to completing a construction projects. That’s why preconstuction services should be the initial step and are a vital component toward completing a construction project. The collaborative process of planning the preconstruction process between the clients and their contractors provides the client the opportunity to make informed design decisions about the final designs and completion of the planned project. The goal of preconstruction services is to maximize the value of the project and to prepare the initial stages of completion.

Adding Project Value

To ensure the overall design meets the project’s budget, many clients decide to hire companies to create a preconstruction plan for them. The goal of a preconstuction plan is to eliminate surprises related to project costs and schedules by hiring a reputable company. Preconstruction adds value to a client’s project by evaluating the drawbacks, costs, and schedule implications. Doing so before the beginning of construction can save both time and money during the project.

The Necessity of Preconstruction Services from Commercial Construction Companies in Austin TX

Overall, it’s practically necessary to obtain preconstruction services in order to ensure the intended project meets all the criteria needed to ensure that it is completed thoroughly. Hiring a preconstruction firm is the best decision to guarantee your project is completed as stress free as possible. For more information about preconstruction services in Central Texas, or to speak with a professional contractor in Austin, TX, contact T.F. Harper & Associates LP.

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