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What Is New Building Construction?

New Building Construction consists of many elements and requires the expertise of many individuals. One of the first things that must be considered when deciding to build is the location of the new building.

Choosing a Location

Key Location Factors

Deciding upon a new building location is important for many reasons, and several factors must be considered. These factors include whether or not the building will be in a location convenient to customers and employees, its proximity to other buildings, if the nearby water and sewer lines will be appropriate or if upgrades will be required, as well as meeting specific zoning code requirements for the location.

Road Improvements & Access

Another aspect to consider is possible road improvements that could be required. Road improvements or expansions near the building site should be considered before any locations are decided. Project owners must also find out how nearby roads will affect access to the proposed building.

Location Survey

Once a location has been chosen, it needs to be surveyed. A boundary survey must be produced, which determines property lines and any easements. An elevation certificate may also be required if the proposed building will be in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

Filling the Roles


After the location of the building and roads has been decided and surveyed, architectural designs for the building will have to be created. Architects are often the first outside professionals brought onto a project. The architect will create the preliminary designs for the building. Once the preliminary designs are completed more designers will be brought onto the project, such as structural engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers. On many commercial building projects a civil engineer will also need to be consulted.

Project Manager & Contractor

Once designs are completed, a building permit must be obtained from the building department before construction can begin. Sometimes other local permits or agreements will be required by local authorities as well. These permits are usually obtained by a Construction Project Manager or General Contractor. This position can sometimes be fulfilled by the same individual, but on other projects Construction Project Management will be performed by a group and the General Contractor will be a separate entity.


Once these positions are filled, subcontractors will also need to be hired. Subcontractors are contractors that specialize in a particular area of construction, such as carpenters, excavators, or electricians. Large building projects can require many different subcontractors. Once contractors have been brought onto the project, construction on the building can begin.

Beginning Construction

During the Project

Throughout the construction of the building, Construction Project Managers ensure that safety procedures are followed on site, that the costs of the project do not exceed the budget, and that high quality is maintained to prevent mistakes or issues that would have to be addressed at the conclusion of the project.

After Construction

At the conclusion of building construction, the contractor must get a Certificate of Occupancy from the municipality where the building permit was obtained. This begins the conclusion of the project. The new building should fit the original contract specifications and function as the project owner intended.

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